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Pale Horse, Pale Rider

oops I have to go back to the states to get my visa processed OOPS my boyfriend is very sad and I am comfort eating and I’ve gained a lot of weight and eating disordered me is sad about that but ex-pat me is more sad that I have to fly back to LA for 3-4 weeks HOPEFULLY LESS



Liz Callaway was in Sunday in the Park With George. Does ANY footage of this exist??

Ann Marget and Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas.

There’s this Japanese story—about a woman who loved this man, her soulmate from childhood. Her parents made her marry a farmer. She ran off anyway with her soul mate and had kids with him. Years later, she comes back to her family and says: “I’m sorry I ran away.” And they say: “What? You’ve been here the whole time, you’ve been ill, in bed.” And she meets the other version of herself, this ghost, and she embraces this woman, and they become one person. And it’s this Buddhist parable, like: which one is the ghost?

Ever since I left you I thought that in some parallel ghost world we had kids we rowed by a canal…I thought part of me would be a ghost forever, without you. I was no longer real even when I was happy. But no, all along in real time you’ve gone on being you and I’ve gone on being me and yes I really love you enough to be ghosted by you my entire life but my God I left you for a reason.

"Stage Kiss" by Sarah Ruhl (via jbildungsroman)

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This is a great pun

Frida Kahlo ~ “Memory (The Heart)” 1937

so I hated sarah lawrence in both ways but like, I just saw my don and his wife for the second time in a week and we’re in LONDON and we went to martin freeman’s bespoke tailor to get a one and a half inch silk knit tie for his godson and today we had brunch with my boyfriend and then went to whole foods and talked about judaism and alternate history and like, I just emailed my literature professor who is in his late 70s and lives in the west village with his adorable dog to say hi and tell him I miss him and he sent me back the sweetest email and it made me cry and now I’m going to cry again thinking about it. I don’t like namedropping or bragging about these professors (not that that’s like a ~thing~ at all lol but it feels like it’s in really bad taste to be like I HUNG OUT AT _______’s APARTMENT AND HAD CONFERENCE THERE) but I just think it’s so beautiful and amazing that these professors love their students and want to keep in touch and it just makes me cry


Bernadette Peters in Gypsy on Broadway, 2003.

Elaine Stritch on Brodway, in Bus Stop.

The only playlist that matters.